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Would you like to become our partner and resel our product? The souvenir can be a pleasant gift for a friend abroad or an interesting and educational toy for children.
Take something with you from Ljubljana ─ aside for pleasant memories ─ that will remind you of the fact that we are all trying to live a more sustainable life. Combining all areas of life in the city, the LJUBLJANACITYBUS souvenir encourages the use of public transport; but at the same time, it leads you to your next adventures, new friendships and fresh insights.

Connect with UsLet's Make Something Great Together

The LJUBLJANACITYBUS souvenir lives and breathes in the context of mutual understanding and cooperation between the partners of the project. If you wish to be a part of the evolution of the LJUBLJANACITYBUS souvenir, but have not received your invitation yet, send us a message. We will gladly arrange for a meeting.


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Become a partner

Connect with us. Let's make something great together.

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