Ljubljana City BusThe Story behind the Ljubljana City Bus

Emanuel Manu is a three-year-old Slovenian boy living in Ljubljana. He was only two when he first started using the city bus. He adores buses, especially the caterpillar ones. He also likes to play with toy cars and trucks, studying the rotation of the wheels from all possible directions. His mother shares his enthusiasm, but she quickly discovered that the Ljubljana city bus couldn’t be found in any of the stores.
Wanting to give her son the pleasure of playing with his favorite means of transport, and at the same time make a new distinct souvenir for the city of Ljubljana, she went to work. The idea of a toy bus and a souvenir that reminds people of sustainable mobility was soon upgraded ─ with the help of her partner and Mugo d.o.o. company ─ by creating this website.

Ljubljana City Bus Souvenir

The minimized characteristic city bus is a new Ljubljana souvenir and an exciting toy for children to play with. At the same time, it promotes travelling by public transport, in both Ljubljana and other cities around the world.
The souvenir is a perfect personal or business gift that needs no wrapping. In case you are real globetrotter, you can place it next to the London Double-Decker.

Order the Ljubljana City Bus Souvenir17 EUR per Piece

With its distinctive colors, the modern and environmentally friendly Ljubljana City Bus is a beautiful and dynamic representative of the city of Ljubljana. Like many other European cities, Ljubljana is progressing towards a sustainable development and sustainable mobility. We, the people of Ljubljana, believe that we are evolving in the same direction. Since this notion is something we strive for, it is appropriately symbolic that the new Ljubljana City Bus souvenir embodies the same belief. It brings out the child in us and at the same time reminds us that we are trying to live a more sustainable and promising life. We hope that Ljubljana City Bus symbolizes a new era ─ the era of a conscious change and personal growth.


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